Analisis Deskriptif Pola Manajemen dan Karya Seni Rupa Program Residensi ‘Transit#1' di Selasar Sunaryo Art Space

Yesi Aditia Yesi • Zakarias S. Soeteja • Yaya Sukaya
Journal article Gradasi • 2013 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Art space established at the initiative of senior artists contributing to the lack of infrastructure visual art Indonesian. Contemporary art is becoming mainstream global art and artwork the existence of contemporary art at the top level. Contemporary art in the whole country so that the stronger establish networking, the Contemporary art is currently pushing urgency program artist residency. Need to know more the comprehensive about management pattern in artist residencies, artist residency process, and the art work of young artists after residency. The method used to reveal the study using descriptive analytic method. Residency program emphasizes educating prospects for artists to focus more on exploration of the work of art rather than following the market. Management is used as a companion tool that implementation of the residency program effectively and efficiently. management pattern of ‘Transit#1' residency is an exploration of patterns of residency to find an appropriate pattern Transit residency and established. The process of selecting an artist residency through the mechanism, the overall presentation of the arts work, exploration of the art work, discussion with artist mentor (partner artist residence), open studio with the public, curation, and to showcase the art work of residency are expected as maestro art work. Resident artists show development art works and sharpening concept. Resident artist more confident in the works of art, get greater insight, network wider, artists of elevation, and more are sure to compete well in the global art arena. Based on these results that there is a recommendation for Selasar Sunaryo Art Space is expected to further improve the management of Transit residency and art education can learn and develop learning models management residency visual arts.





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