Pegembangan Media Pembelajaran Interaktif Berbasis Macromedia Authorwere 7.0 untuk Memfasilitasi Kemampuan Pemahaman Konsep dan Minat Belajar Bahasa Inggris

Hermawan Wahyu Setiadi Juang Kurniawan
Journal article Elementary School • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


This study aims to develop English-based learning media macromedia authorwere 7.0 to determine the quality and effectiveness of learning media developed. Population in this research is all of second graders of elementary school in Bibis academic year 2017/2018, with sample as many as 56 students. Sampling in this study using Nonprobability Sampling technique Data understanding of learning concepts collected using tests and interest in learning English was collected through questionnaires. This research uses ADDIE development design. Data analysis technique used is descriptive statistic which analyzed by using t test. The results of product quality assessment recapitulation from media experts and material experts indicate that the developed product includes good criteria with mean of 81 so it is feasible in English learning. The results showed that the attractiveness of students and teachers based on responses showed a mean of 86 with very good criteria. The results showed that the attractiveness based on observation in the trial was limited and the extensive test showed that the average of 80 indicated good criteria. The average posttest class score is 88.50 and the average posttest class score is 80.58. In the study showed t count of 7,730 and t table equal to 2,021. So t-test of posttest shows that t count > t table and significance value obtained 0,00 <0,05 which mean there is difference mean of posttest English value between experiment class and control class where the average value of posttest class the experiment is higher than the average value of the control class posttest. Based on the results of this study can be concluded that learning using media-based learning authorwere 7.0 proved more effective to understanding the concept and interest in English learning fourth grade students Bibis Elementary School.




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