Analisis Visual Poster Pertunjukan Teater Sunda Kiwari Tahun 1979-1995

Enitria Astriani • Zakarias S. Soeteja • Suryadi Suryadi
Journal article Gradasi • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages)


The poster is one of visual communication media that serves as a medium of publication and artistic archive on theater. This study focuses on visual analysis playbills that is produced by Kiwari Sundanese Theatre manually since 1979-1995. The problem formulation and the aim of this study was to determine: ( 1 ) How the strategic planning of Kiwari Sundanese Theater's posters; 2 ) how the process production of the poster Kiwari Sundanese Theater; 3 ) How the visualization and symbolic meaning Kiwari Sundanese theater's posters. The method that is used in this study is descriptive qualitative analytic approach. The results show that the strategy planning is affected by the cost and availability of budgetary factors production. Production technique that is used is screen printing techniques with transfer method. Characteristic poster symbolic illustration style with a predominance of curved lines and silhouettes, typography meets the legibility and readability elements, but has shortcomings in consistency and anatomical proportions letters. Feature layout using symmetrical balance. This study is expected to give an overview for other researchers who want to deepen the world of posters and give some input for the designer of playbills and become the media of science for public.





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