Improving Students' Reading Comprehension Through Graphic Organizers

Amaliyah Amaliyah

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The objective of this research is to find out the use of graphic organizer technique in improving students' reading comprehension. The population was the tenth grade students of SMA Negeri 1 Dampal Selatan. The researcher used quasi experimental design. The research samples were XF as the experimental group which consisted of 38 students and XC as the control group which consisted of 37 students. The test was administered twice; pre-test and post-test. The data were analyzed statistically in order to find out the significant achievement of the students in the pre-test and the post-test. By selecting the 0.05 level of significance and 50 degree of freedom (d.f. 38+37-2=73), the researcher computed the data and found that the t-counted (4.316) was greater than the t-table (1.999).In conclusion, the use of graphic organizers technique can improve the students' reading comprehension.




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