Distinguishing Between Science And Scientism

Christin Christin
Journal article Integral • 2013 Indonesia

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(English, 9 pages)


Issues of conflict between science and faith/religion have existed for a long time. Some of the topics that have become the source of the conflicts are: The Evolution Theory and The Big Bang Theory which are assumed to be in contra with the creation story, which is generally believed by people of faith. The other controversial issue concerns the existence of God as a supernatural being. Even though in Indonesia these issues are viewed to be taboo, the hot debate between the atheist scientists and religious people in academic spheres occurs openly in some countries. However, do we have to choose between believing in science or believing in God? Which is the reliable source of truth? This writing discusses the epistemology of science and its strength as well as its limitation as a body of knowledge. The author is trying to describe scientism as an invalid worldview that leads to misunderstandings and conflict's myths between faith and science.





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