Improving Reading Comprehension of the Eleventh Grade Students Through Information Transfer Technique

Alfianti Alfianti

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The objective of this research is to find out whether or not using information transfer technique improves the reading comprehension of the eleventh grade students. The researcher used pre-experimental research design, employing intact group design. The study applied purposive sampling which involved experimental and control groups. The sample is XI MIA 2 as the experimental group and XI MIA 4 as the control group. The technique of data collection is test. The test consists of post-test that administered to both experimental and control groups. The mean score of the experimental group is 73.88 and the control group is 49.04. The result of the data analysis shows that the t-counted value (4.95) is greater than the t-table value (2.02) by applying 0.05 level of significance and 48 degree of freedom (df). In conclusion, using information transfer technique improves the Eleventh grade students' reading comprehension.




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