Dialog Ilmu dan Iman: suatu Pendekatan dan Cara Realisasinya

Aloysius Rusli
Journal article Integral • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages)


Awareness of development in science and its underlying scientic method, and its widening influence on society, reminds one of another strong influence, which is religion and its underlying faith. The catholic university in particular, is expected to support a return to an interaction between these two big in uences. These two in uences were, and are still, apt to cause incidental friction in society. It is considered important to study the basics of both science and faith, as different from technology and religion. Using dialogue as method, it is hoped to discover a few principles which are characteristic and essential in science and in faith, and ways of constructive interaction between science and faith, to discover a consistent and integrated pattern for educating the younger generation. This is important to get a consistent and integrated worldview, similarly as is being promoted for an integrated science education for the 21st century. Some tentative conclusions are, that the basic assumptions of science and faith are clearly dierent, while the way of reasoning based on those dierent assumptions are similar, i.e. rational, consistent, and corresponding with observations of nature. Also, there is an indication that there are some validity limits for both science and faith, needing reflection and ongoing investigation of their properties, for clarication. The research method used is dialogue, where every statement from every participant is treated as a positive and constructive contribution, so as to easier discern the truth embedded in the words and ways of expression.





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