Perjalanan Mistik Tokoh Wallaili Wannahar dalam Novel Layla Karya Candra Malik (Kajian Sufistik Fariduddin Attar).

Dhea Arina Naela F. R.
Journal article Bapala • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 19 pages)


This research is based on the fact that the novel can be used as a container or appreciation of transcendental experience that contains the life experience of the author. In Laylas novel, there are pictures of different experiences of human life. Life experience in novel Layla is a mystical journey of Wallaili Wannahar in searching God by imitating the science of Sufism. In the course of the mystic must be passed with seven levels include the level of search, the level of love, the level of keisyafan, tuerah unity, the level of freedom, the level of surprise, and the level of nothingness. These levels correspond to the Sufistic concept of Fariduddin Attar. The purpose of the researcher describes seven levels of Sufistik Fariduddin Attar and the dominating level contained in the novel Layla. While the benefits of this research in general is to strengthen the theory of literature, especially the theory of Sufistik Faridudin Attar while providing a little knowledge about the level of Sufism in novel Layla. This research includes qualitative descriptive research. data from this research are words, sentences, and paragraphs obtained from data sources in the form of novels, books, and meia period so that techniques used are documentative techniques. The results are presented in descriptive form because the analytical technique used is descriptive analysis technique. The results show that in novel Layla there is one character who through seven levels Sufistik according to the concept of Fariduddin Attar. The level that dominates in Layla novel passed by Wallaili Wannahar is the search rate and the level of keynysafan. No wonder if the two levels are in a balanced position because in the search for the form of God our self must be based on love, if someone has loved something then he will be willing to do anything in order to get that love. Therefore the two levels complement each other stau in order to find the true form of God.





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