Penerapan Metode Resitasi Kelompok Berbasis Karakter untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Kelas XI Tkr I di Smk PGRI 1 Sidoarjo

Yuli Wulansari
Journal article Jurnal Pendidikan Teknik Mesin UNESA • 2013

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Character education is an education appropriate to be applied in any schoolespecially in Vocational High School (VHS) because in addition to educating studentsto increase learning outcomes also educates students to behave. Things happen on thefact, students who have behavior is not good a students who do not pass the study andthe lack of activity of students in discussion. Based on these studies, an effort be theapplication of the method of character-based group recitation the group recitationmethod character-based. The purpose of the application of this method is that it toJPTM, Vol. 1 Nomor 2 Tahun 2013108increase the activity of the teacher, student activity, student learning outcomes andstudents can behave like an honest character, discipline, and responsibility in learn.The object of this research is the application of the method of characterbasedgroup recitation by the subjects are students of class XI TKR I and teacheractivity at SMK PGRI 1 Sidoarjo with using this type of Classroom Action Research(CAR).Each stage of the cycle, there are four stages of planning, implementation,observation, and reflection. Data collection in this study using observation sheetsteacher activity, student activity, test results, and questionnaire responses of students.The analisis data obtained are qualitative and quantitative data. Teacher activity,student activity and student questionnaire responses were measured using a Likertscale while individual student learning outcomes derived from the value of workingtogether (20% from group value), the value of participation and communication(discussion) (10% from group value), the value of individual responsibility (10% fromgroup value) and value of the test group (60% from group value), if all of them areadded be individu value. Classical learning outcomes can be achieved if studentsscore ≥ 78 and ≥ 80% classical completeness.The results showed the activity of teachers in implementing the RPP was79% (good). Student activity during the study was 80% (good). Students' response tothe application of the recitation method based character very well. The behavior ofstudents classified as either character. Learning outcomes of students who completedthe first cycle is 43 students with classical completeness 75% and in the second cycleis 51 students with classical completeness 89%.




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