Penggunaan Algoritma SLIQ untuk Pengklasifikasian Kinerja Akademik Mahasiswa

Arief Jananto
Journal article Dinamik • 2010

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Academic data increases every year in line with the increase of students. Abundant data store is alsoan abundance of information. Data mining technology is a tool for extracting information on largedatabases and has been widely used in many domains. Predicting student performance (study evaluation) isan activity to determine a future state based on existing data. Data in the field of academic research hasbeen done with various methods and algorithms, but the use of algorithm SLIQ (Supervised Learning InQuest) has not been done.SLIQ is an algorithm developed by the IBM's Quest project team in 1996 for mining large datasets.SLIQ algorithm classify and predict the students performance, beginning with the data cleaning, conductedelection training and testing data. By calculating gini index of each attribute and then selecting thesmallest gini index data table is split according to the criteria until find the same class. From the results ofthe calculation process can produce a set of rules that can be used to predict student performance.From the experiment it can be concluded that the algorithm SLIQ with decision tree technique canbe used as an alternative in designing a system datamining applications. Tests conducted system showedthat the constructed model can be used to predict the performance of new students. The resulting accuracyof the model system in fact has a lower score than the accuracy of other applications that are used as acomparison of Tanagra. Advantages of the proposed system is in its design does not need complexcalculations in obtaining the gini index attributes.





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