Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Berdasarkan Masalah Untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Pada Mata Pelajaran IPS Kelas IV Sdn Jemurwonosari Ii/525 Surabaya

Samiadji Samiadji

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Based on the research that has been generated, there are many problems in learning activities among students are less active in the learning process, and there are still many teachers who use a theory based on the textbook without presenting a medium that can be linked to problems that occur around the students . pay attention the problem, it is necessary to reform the teaching process is to apply the learning model based approach to learning problems. Approach to the problem based learning model is a concept that helps teachers learn link between the material being taught to the situation and the existing problems in the students. in learning, especially on the subjects of social studies, which set beside the material associated with the daily life of students and are expected to improve student learning outcomes so that successful learning be achieved. This research is a qualitative descriptive study of planning, execution, observation, and reflection. From the analysis / discussion in mind that the effectiveness of student learning outcomes has increased 28% from the first cycle of 28% the second cycle by 56% subsequently experienced an increase of 36% from the second cycle by 56% to 92% the third cycle. The conclusion of this research is problem-based learning approach can improve student learning outcomes in social studies and problem-based learning approach can be used as an alternative model of learning in social studies learning process in schools.




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