Protective Effect of Ethanol Extract Purwoceng to Phone Electromagnetic Wave Exposure as a Risk Factor for Andropouse

Diana Krisanti Jasaputra • Heddy Herdiman • Elvin Elvin
Journal article Jurnal Medika Planta • 2012

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(English, 6 pages)


Introduction: Andropause is now well accepted that serum testosterone (T) levels decline progressively with aging in men and circumstances related to exposure to free radicals, including exposure from mobile phone. Purwoceng been used by communities for generations to enhance virility. Objective: to assess protective effect of purwoceng in overcoming the negative impact of the concentration of cell phones from the concentration of spermatozoa.Method: The research method used is true experimental design in laboratorium with completely randomized design. This research used 24 male mice divided into 4 groups (n = 6), namely: Group I as negative control; Group II, mice were given only the phone electromagnetic waves; Group III, mice were given 32 mg / kg Purwoceng extracts; Group IV, mice were given 32 mg / kg Purwoceng extracts and providing mobile phone electromagnetic waves. Parameters which are measured were concentration of spermatozoa. The analysis data by one-way ANOVA and Tukey HSD test with α = 0.05. Result: the average concentration of spermatozoa (million/mm3) in group I (3.97), group II (0.37), group III (6.43), and group IV (4.4). Group II and III are significantly different than the control group with p <0.05, while the fourth group is not significant compared with the negative control group.Conclusion: an electromagnetic wave radiation cell phone decrease the sperm concentrations and extracts Purwoceng has protective effect to cell phone electromagnetic waves radiation though spermatozoa concentration parameters. And this study indicates that Purwoceng has a positive effect in reducing the symptoms of andropause.




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