Penggunaan Media Kartu Kalimat untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Membaca Siswa Kelas I Sdn Wonorejo I-312 Surabaya

Siti Mariyah

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Reading is one of elementary interest which must be owned by somebody at one blow become one of especial target at Elementary Education ladder. On that account enthusiasm read have to developing and in striving improvement nya. But practically the ability read student of elementary school in this time not yet as according to interest which is expecting in curriculum, even earn telling far from efficacy. Mentioned expressed from discussion result usher teacher at meeting Working Activity Teacher performed each;every one month;moon once. Mount above mentioned difficulty also in owning by class I Elementary School Wonorejo I-312 Surabaya student which the ability read [it] not yet as according to expectation. From 40 student only 22 student ( 55%) student which can read fluent and obtain;get above value of Complete Criterion Minimize. Complete Criterion Minimize specified by a school is 70. This research use Class Action Research device (CAR), what is done by the two of cycle, cycle I executed by during 2 meeting of while cycle II executed by during 1 meeting. the Cycle second consisted of the planning phase, execution, and refleksi perception. Technique data collecting in this research use observation technique, tes field note and. Data gathered to be analysed by using descriptive method qualitative and quantitative. Result of research indicate that percentage of keterlaksanaan of activity learn at cycle of I and cycle of II reach 100%. score of Ketercapai of activity of teacher experience of improvement of equal to 21,2 from cycle of I that is 70,4 and cycle of II mount to become 91,6. Meanwhile, complete to read student by using media card sentences experience of improvement of equal to 17,5%. At cycle of I reach complete 75%, while at cycle of complete II reach 92,5%. Constraints faced by is the way of mastering class and management of study time, its way to overcome revisedly is management of time of study and make solution is later;then applied at study hereinafter. that use of media of card of text can uplift skill to read student of class of I Wonorejo I-312Elementary School.




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