Overview : Perkembangan Standar Audit yang Relevan dengan Keputusan Opini Going Concern

Widhy Setyowati
Journal article Kajian Akuntansi • 2009

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The financial distress company, have greater possibility to accept going concern opinion (Mc. Keown, et al., 1991; Behn et al., 2001). Going Concern Opinion gives negative signal to the financial statement user. It shows doubts of the auditor towards the ability of the company to run the business. Afterward, as the final impacts, the company will find it difficult to obtain loans (Firth, 1980), decreasing share value (Jones, 1996) and self fulfilling prophecy effect that causes bankruptcy (Mutchler, 1984; Hopwood et al., 1989). Because those impact, it is necessary to understand and appreciate the improvement of going concern regulation from the early period until the recent standard. This article explain four auditing standards from the SASs 130 of APB, SAS 59 of AICPA, SPAP 30 of IAI and the latest ISA 570 of IFAC. SA Section 341 from SPAP indicate that going concern is the fundamental assumption for auditor opinion decisions and management plans play the important role if the auditors have doubt about the ability of the company to continue going concern.




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