Pengembangan Multimedia (Projected Still Media dan Projected Motion Media) pada Kompetensi Proses Dasar Perlakuan Logam di SMKN 1 Bendo-magetan.

Edwin Setiawan, Muhammad Edwin
Journal article Jurnal Pendidikan Teknik Mesin UNESA • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


This study aims to develop media-based learning, especially the combination of media multimediaPowerPoint slides (still projected media) and video media (projected motion media) to support theteaching and learning process in subkompetensi describe the process of testing the metal in SMKN 1Bendo-Magetan. The sample was a class X 2 welding techniques semester of academic year 2011-2012in SMKN 1 Bendo-Magetan totaling 36 people. This research is the development of research) in twostages, namely, (1) the development stage media using 4D development model proposed byThiagarajan, S.Semmel, PP, and Semmel, MI, (2) the implementation stage of learning media by usingDesign One Group Pretest-Posttest raised by tuckman (1978). The first stage is the development stagemedia consisted of (1) Define, (2) Design, (3) Develop and (4) Disseminate. Data collection techniquesused include observation, questionnaire method, the method of test. The instrument used in this studyinclude sheet classroom management, student activity sheets, student response sheet questionnaires,learning test sheet. The results of the development of multimedia and media projected media stillprojected motion media that shows the number 4, which means valid. APKG 1 shows the mean numberof 68.5 reached 85.62% (excellent). APKG 2 shows the mean number reaches 84-50 84.5% (verygood). Activities that support student learning in the lesson plans as much as 1 176, while activities thatsupport student learning in RPP 2 as much as 377. Increased activity of 201 students. The results ofstudents' response to learning using multimedia reached 90% (Very good). Student learning outcomesthrough Post test reached 94% (very good). Conclusion that the development of multimedia (stillprojected media) and projected motion subkompetensi media to describe the process of testing the metalin SMKN 1 Bendo-Magetan fit in either category




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