The Analgetic Effect of Kayu Rapat Bark Infusion (Parameria Laevigata (Juss.) Moldenke) on Male Mice Treated with Thermal Induction

Imelda Christiana • Endang Evacuasiany • Meilinah Hidayat
Journal article Jurnal Medika Planta • 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Introduction: Kayu rapat bark has been empirically used to treat many kinds of disease, and was assumed to have analgetic effect because it contains flavonoid and polyphenol in its bark.Objectives: The aim of this experiment is to discover the analgetic effect of kayu rapat (Parameria laevigata (Juss.) Moldenke) bark.Methods: The method used in this experiment was laboratoric experiment. The analgetic property was examined through heat-induced pain using a heating plate equiped with a thermostat of 550C. The experimental animal used were Swiss -Webster 25 male mice weighing ± 28 grams which were then divided into 5 treatment groups (n=5), each group was given a kayu rapat bark infusion (IKKR) of 0.975 g/kgBW, 1.95 g/kgBW , 3.9 g/kgBW, Aquadest (as control) and Sodium diclofenac 17.86 mg/kgBW (drug for comparison). The datas taken were the reaction times of the earliest visible response marked by lifting up or licking the front paws or even jumping of the mice. Data were analyzed using one way ANOVA, followed by mean difference test of Tukey HSD with α = 0.05.Results: The experimental results showed a significant difference for the IKKR of 0.975 g/kgBW (p<0.05). On the other hand, a highly significant difference was observed for th e IKKR of 1.95 g/kgBW and 3.9 g/kgBW (p<0.01). The experimental group that was given the IKKR of 3.9 g/kgBW showed a similar potency as Sodium diclofenac (p>0.05).Conclusion: It is therefore concluded that kayu rapat bark infusion had analgetic effect possesses an an algetic property.




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