Survei Tingkat Kebugaran Jasmani pada Pemain Persatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Lumajang

Septian Nosa, Agung Septian
Journal article Jurnal Prestasi Olahraga • February 2013 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


All football players should have good physical fitness, because football is a game which is played in ninety minutes, so that, it needs good physical fitness to play this game. The purpose of this research is to know about VO₂ Max level of the member on Indonesian Football Association of Lumajang. VO₂ Max is a measure of each individual players to generate the energy while endurance activity without excessive fatigue. This research used quantitative non experiment with descriptive quantitative model approach. This research used 22 subjects. Therefore, to determine the endurance of football players was used VO₂ Max level, through Multistage Fitness Test (MFT). The result of this research shows that the average VO₂ Max level of the member on Indonesian Football Association of Lumajang is 49.02 ml/ kgBB/ min. It means that this level is quite good. Keywords : Physical Fitness, VO2 Max, Indonesian Football Association of Lumajang




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