Penggunaan Media Gambar dalam Model Pembelajaran Langsung untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa pada Mata Pelajaran IPS Kelas IV Sdn Beringin Kecamatan Sambikerep Surabaya

Hening Rachwardhani

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Social Studies is one of subject in Ementary School. Based on observation to 4th of public school of Beringin 477 (SDN Beringin 477) most teacher just used oral explanation in teaching IPS. They don't use any media, have limited interaction with student and rarely give group project, all activities are dominated by teacher or we can say “teacher oriented”, student's activites, student's result and feedback of students to learning process use picture media to increase the student's achievement in IPS/Sociology Subjek of SDN Beringin Surabaya. The research is Class Action Reasearch (CAR). It will be performed in 3 steps. Every steps will be done in every 1 meeting. The second steps consite of planning, implementing observation and reflection, testand students feed back. Data collection technique will be analyse with descriptive quality and quantitative technique. Result of research indicate that activity percentage learn padasiklus I obtain;get 68,8%, cycle II obtain;get 84,4% and cycle III obtain;get 92,2%. student Activity percentage at cycle I obtain;get 62,5%, cycle II obtain;get 76,8% and cycle III obtained 89,3%. Clasical persentase completemen Student pursuant to result tes student obtained a the following formulation : cycle I obtain;get percentage equal to 66,7%, cycle II equal to 76,7% and cycle III equal to 86,7%. Students responses used to find out some difficulties in learning process. The conclution is using picture canincrease students schievement in subject for 4th graders of SDN Beringin 477.




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