Kelayakan Teoritis Perangkat Blended Learning Management pada Materi Struktur Jaringan Tumbuhan

Rosita Rosita
Journal article BioEdu • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


 This study aimed to describe theoretically the feasibility of blended learning management devices on the network structure of plant material based on the results of validation. Validated devices includes syllabi, lesson plans, account Edmodo website and achievement test. The research including research development with 4D model includes the step Define (definition), Design (planning), Develop (development), and Disseminate (deployment). In this study only to the extent Develop without Dessiminate stage. This research was conducted at the Campus Science Faculty Biology Department of Surabaya in March 2015. The goal of research the blended learning management, while the theoretical feasibility test target a teacher and lecturer of Biology. Based on the results of the validation device blended learning management, theoretically devices blended learning management declared eligible by the results of the validation earn an average percentage 89.86% with a very decent category. Results of the validation of blended learning management consists of the syllabus earn a percentage 96.87%, RPP gained an average percentage 84.44%, the test result of learning gained an average percentage of 85%, and accounts Edmodo website receives an average percentage of 93.12 %.  Keywords: Blended learning management, Sructure plant tissue





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