Penggunaan Media Gambar dalam Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Student Teams Achievement Division (Stad) untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa pada Mata Pelajaran IPS Kelas IV Sds Baptis Pengharapan Tegalsari Surabaya

Karyanto Karyanto

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


According to observation researcher in process of learning in the fourth grade of Baptis Pengharapan Elementary School, that during of time the teacher don't use the media. As long as the massage sent to student by verbal. This matter cause that the process of learning bore and make studenst just as the hearer. The process of learning aboce can pursue the student in optimal result of study at social subject, it though is important to know that the social subject have contributed in attainment of interest that must be owned by student. The purpose of this research is to description the teacer and student activites result and respon the student to stude social subject in the fourth grade of Baptis Pengharapan Elementary School. This research is representative of class action. Produre of this research is the first research and action research, 1. Planning, 2. Execution, 3. Perception and evaluate, and 4. Analysis and reflection. The subject in this research is student in the fourth grade of Baptis Pengharapan Elementary School. Surabaya is eighteen students. The technique of data collection used method of observation teacher activites, result of learning and respon students. Technique of data analuse is taken for analyse of observation to learn teacher and student activites, while the result do to give exercises like multiple choise or essay. In this learning activities, teacher has improvement from cycle 1, cycle 2 an cycle 3. In the first cycle teacher activities reach 60,7%, in the second cycle teacher acitivities reach 75%, and in the third cycle teacher activities reach 89,3%. While the student activities in first cycle reach 65,6% second cycle reach 74,5%, third cycle reach 92,1%. The result of data from student test first cycle reach 66,7%, second cycle reach 78,8% and in third cycle reach 87,9%. In the last learning allotted by sheet of questionnaire to know respon student. Percentage of enquette reach > 80%. Form the result above conclude that applying cooperative learning model type of Student Teams Achievement Division (STAD) can improve result of learning student in the fourth grade of Baptis Pengharapan Elementary School in Surabaya.




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