Pengaruh Partisipasi Anggaran terhadap Kinerja Manajerial: Pengetahuan Tentang Manajemen Biaya sebagai Variabel Pemoderasi

James Raynold Gandasuli • Fransiskus E. Daromes • Suwandi Ng
Journal article Kajian Akuntansi • August 2009

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The purpose of this study was to test the effects of budget participation on managerial performance in which cost of management knowledge as a moderation variable. Data collected from the managers of manufacturing companies in Makassar and the Makassar Industrial Estate (Kawasan Industri Makassar) by using a questionnaire. Our research results have indicated that cost management knowledge that is owned by the managers moderate the effects of budget participation on managerial performance. Results showed that participation in the budget has a positive influence on job performance that is owned by an individual when the individual who participates has a high cost management knowledge. On the other hand, these results indicate that those who have a low of cost management knowledge may negatively affect performance.




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