Implikasi Pembelajaran pada Kurikulum 2013 terhadap Kompetensi Pengetahuan dan Sikap pada Materi Ekologi

Nita Fitriana
Journal article BioEdu • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


This research aims to describe the implication of teaching learning based on 2013 curriculum with cognitive and behavior competence of students at ecological material. This research were quantitative descriptive, method by using the questionnaire then analyzed by using the descriptive percentage statistic. The subject of this research were 270 students of ten grades and 4 biology teachers in the Senior High School of 2 Nganjuk, 1 Kertosono, 1 Nganjuk and 3 Nganjuk which have implemented the 2013 curriculum in Nganjuk. The result of the research were implication of teaching learning in 2013 curriculum, the teachers performance  (85%) and students (73.8%) influence with cognitive and behavior competence of students at ecological material. Required to improve the teachers performance in the field of terms about evaluating learning which were instrument assessment and learning material by method using saintific approach not only concept oriented but also accustomed skill, value and knowledge. The students interest (78,8%) was highest indicator of student's factor, they needs to be good communication in learning between teachers and students because of changing in behaviour comes from the extent which the communication was considered, understood and accepted by the students, so can be realize the learning support of the balance between cognitive and behaviour competence according to the demands in 2013 curriculum.   Key words : 2013 curriculum, behavior, cognitive, ecology, learning.





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