Pemaknaan Iklan Serial Rokok Djarum Super Analisis Semiotika Ferdinand De Sausure

Agustini Agustini • Novando Andria Purwadi
Journal article Jurnal Komunikasi Pembangunan • July 2013 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 17 pages)


The purpose of this research is knowing about meanings that contained in advert of cigarette Djarum Super “My Great Adventure Indonesia” version in television. The type of this research is qualitative descriptive that using qualitative method by approach semiotic analysis. The data of analyse from this research using “signifier” or connotation meaning, “signified” or denotation meaning and “signification” or both meanings. This advert of Djarum Super “My Great Adventure Indonesia” version is explaining if this advert want to show to public the characteristic that leading to positive things of that product, it also want to present if Indonesia is reach of nature potential, beauty of nature and varied of cultures.




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