Profil Miskonsepsi Siswa pada Materi Struktur dan Fungsi Jaringan Tumbuhan

Laily Istighfarin
Journal article BioEdu • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Misconception  is an idea or the views wrong about a concept owned someone different with the concept of an agreed and considered the true  the experts. Misconception can be a barrier in understanding matter and can give rise to a mistake in a learning process.  The purpose of this research is to described profile Misconception students  in XI class of senior high school 1 Taman Sidoarjo on concept structure and function  the tissues of plants.  The kind of research used in this research is research with instrument qualitative test that accompanied by reason and Certainy of Response Index (CRI ) and interview.  This research involving 36 students XI MIA-2  and 32 students XI MIA-3  in high school Taman  Sidoarjo. The research results show that students profile Misconception  classified as low with the percentage of 17,73 %,  most students already understand concept structure and function the tissues of plants shown know the concept  55,69%, the percentage of students not know the concept of 26,59 %, the  cause of  Misconception factor that occurs in the student is most of the students own. Keywords:  Misconception, structure and function  tissues of plants.





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