Penggunaan Media Gambar untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Menulis Kalimat Siswa Kelas I Sdn Dupak V Surabaya

Tiwi Hariyati

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The advantages of writing statement for the student is still low it can see by the finished of study. Because of this,the ability of write must develop and try to be better. The lower of study for the student on the writing statement lesson it caused by there is not media which it used on the writingstatement lesson. For it the teacher should can be clever to reach the student potency in the teaching learning activities by using the learning media the used of learning media on writing statemen for the first class of SDN Dupak V Surabaya are picture media.The experiment is the class action experiment. The procedure of this experiment is the beginning experiment and the action realization. There are four step in the action realization such as: (1) the action planning, (2) the action realization, (3) observation, and (4) evaluation. The experiment subject are teacher and student of first class SDN Dupak V Surabaya as contains thirty six student. The learning activity on writing statement by using picture media can be improved and to be letter. On the first circus the percentage of learning realization to be better, if reach 100% with percentage mark can reach about 52,8, and second circus, the percentage of learning realization is reached 100% with percentage mark can reach about 73,8. The advantages test data of student study on the on the first circus the average mark is reached 63,4 with the study finishing about 65,2% and on the second circus the average mark is reached 81,7 with the study finishing about 84,7%. There are many abstactes appear on the first circus such as: the difficult of picture selection dan the confuse of picture it can make student cry difficult to write statement. But on statement the second circus this obstacles have can be handle. From this observation conclude that the use of picture media can improve the adventages of writing statement study for first class SDN Dupak V Surabaya.




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