Die Steigerung Des Lernergebnises Von Der Schüler XI IPA 1 Sman 1 Gedangan In Der Deutsch Schreibfertigkeit Durch Die Anwendung Der Methode Numbered Heads Together

Fitriya Ningsih
Journal article Laterne • 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Improving writing competence in German language class XI IPA 1 SMAN 1 Gedangan with methode cooperative learning types Numbered Heads TogetherIn the teaching of German language there are four competence namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. Writing competence is a productive and complex activity. There are so many component such us, grammatik rule, vocabulary, coherence, diction ,etc, they must be mastered. In writing teaching, the teacher must be able to use the right method. One of them is Numbered Heads Together (NHT). This research try to find out the effektivness of the Numbered Heads Together method. The result showed that the student ability in writing competence increases.





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