Pengaruh Model Pembelajaran Ctl (Contextual Teaching and Learning) Terhadap Motivasi Dan Hasil Belajar Siswa SMKN 1 Sidoarjo

Willi Afdin Oktaviansa • Yunus Yunus
Journal article Jurnal Pendidikan Teknik Mesin UNESA • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


This study aims to improve student learning outcomes by applying the model of contextual learning(CTL) on the subjects of local content (Autocad). Through the application of contextual learning model, itis possible the creation of a conducive learning atmosphere. With adanay this new learning environment,the quality of teaching and learning motivation can be improved to be better learners.The Student who made the object of this research is the students of class X TPM 1 and 2, which consistsof 72 students. This research is a comparative study using a simple regression analysis, researchers usedthe class as a control class and one other class as a class experiment. By using CTL expected that masterylearning students has increased. In this study, mastery learning students reached 83%.To determine whether there are differences in the use of contextual learning model with conventionallearning models, researchers used test of homogeneity, normality and test T. In addition, researchers alsouse a simple regression to determine how much the contextual learning model for student learningoutcomes. After a simple regression test, it can be argued that the model CTL pembelajara affects 12%result in class X student learners TPM SMK Negeri 1 Sidoarjo. While the rest influenced by other factorssuch as environment, instructional media, the support of parents, schools and so forth.




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