Upaya Peningkatan Hasil Belajar IPA Dengan Menggunakan Model Pembelajaran Contextual Teaching Learning (Ctl) Pada Siswa Kelas III Sdn Nginden Jangkungan I / 247 Kecamatan Sukolilo Kota Surabaya Tahun Pelajaran 2011/2012

Anik Soegiyanti

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The background of this research is a passive activity that indicated the students, as the students were just left sitting listen, take notes, memorize, and not allowed to learn actively, as well as less variation of the model and media which used in the learning activities particularly on the subjects of Sains esspecialy in motion of an object. This resulted in low student learning outcomes, thus requiring a new learning strategy that is used Contextual Teaching learning (CTL) model. Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL) model is an engineering approach taken by encouraging and motivating students to relate subject content to real world situations and make connections between knowledge and its application in real life. Subjects were third class of SDN Nginden Jangkungan I/247 Surabaya is about 30 students. This research uses classroom action research design that consisted of two cycles and each cycles consisted of two meetings. Percentage of teacher activity at the first cycle is 70% and 30% in the second cycle. The ability of the teacher in managing the class to motivate the students to be more active in learning has increased. While the percentage of student activities at the first cycle is 60% and 90% for the second cycle. Can be seen that also increase. Such as about the student's attitude, cooperation and more attention to the material that presented by the teacher. The motivation of students also demonstrated mastery achievement test in the first cycle increased by 63.5% to 95.125% in the second cycle. Process skills performance test increased from 51.5% in the first cycle to 95% in the second cycle.For student learning outcomes, there is also increasing with the average score of 56,5 for the first cycle and 97 for the second cycle. This research indicated that folding paper as concrete media is work to increase the student's outcome for mathematics multiples and factors of numbers to third class of SDN Nginden Jangkungan I No. 247 Surabaya.




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