Penerapan Media Permainan Dakon dalam Peningkatan Hasil Belajar Berhitung Siswa Kelas 1 SD Al-amin Surabaya

Astutik Sulaiman

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


The background of this research is that there is a need of improvement at teacher creativity in Mathematics learning at SD Al-Amin Surabaya. At learning activities, it is found out that students learning result is under KKM that is 65. Based on the problem formulation above, there is PTK that aimed to improve teachers activities, students activities, and improving students learning result at Mathematics subject in SD Al-Amin Surabaya. This research is using quantitative descriptive method, subject of this research is teachers and students at class 1 SD Al-Amin Surabaya which total is 25 students, consists of 9 boys and 16 girls. The location of this research is class 1 SD Al-Amin Surabaya. This research consists of 2 cycles. At the first cycle, the implementation of PTK is not success yet because teachers are not accustomed to the prepared media yet and students are not accustomed to the new learning environment condition yet. That the second cycle, the implementation of PTK can be considered success because teachers are already accustomed to the prepared media and students are accustomed to the learning environment condition, therefore this research does not have to be continued to the next cycle. The first cycle is performed at 1 May 2012 and 15 May 2012. The second cycle is performed at 29 May 2012 and 12 June 2012.The result of teacher activities observation at the first cycle is 64.42%, and the second cycle, its success percentage is 93.71%. The result of students activities observation at the first cycle is 67.31%, and the second cycle is 88.46%. The result of students learning result observation at pre-cycle is 57.04%, at the first cycle, data is 63.20%, at the second cycle, data becomes 80.80%. This percentage is already reach success criteria that is 80%. From the result of Class Action Research implementation, it can be concluded that the use “dakon” game media at Mathematics subject will improve teachers activity which range 29,29%, students activity which range 21.15%, and the students learning result which range is 17,60%.




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