Pengembangan Tes Elektronik (E-test) Berbasis Komputer Pada Materi Bioteknologi Di SMA Negeri 1 Surabaya

Nur Maulidia Aulia Rachma
Journal article BioEdu • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Assessment of learning in knowledge conducted to measure the level of achievement or mastery learners in aspect of knowledge . Progress in the field of tecnology information made there are many variations to modify assessment use learning process The purpose of this research is to produce of  e-test based on computer  in material of biotechnology  as an alternative test to measure the level of competence of the students knowledge. Development tests that form multimedia put into questions with randomization system questions and automatic scoring system and there is a feedback of correct answer. Product of research is development of test that exercised limited in class XI high school 1 of Surabaya. Data collected in this research with validation methods, test methods, and questionnaire methods. The resulted in 23 out of 25 e-test question in biotechnology materials with an average value the validation results of 89.53% (very valid). Results of the analysis item to get the value of e-test reliability of 0,57, the level of difficulty classified 20% easy, 68% moderate, and 12% are difficult and index discrimination about 12% excellent, 44% good, 20% adequate, and 24% less.  Practically e-test based on the responseof students with an average of 91,25% with a very decent interpretaion   Keywords:  Development, Elektronik Test, Based Computer, and Biotechnology materials  





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