Rollenspiel Für Die Steigerung Der Deutschen Sprachfertigkeiten Der Schülern In Der Klasse X-6 SMAN 8 Kediri

Nona Septiami
Journal article Laterne • 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Role play is one of the methods used in language learning. In the Role play Methods, the students will prepare the form of conversation. After that, the students also prepare the sentence or the narrative that would be submitted. Through this step, the students learn to produce sentences. It brings undirectly a positive impact for the students in the selection of appropriate vocabulary, in the use of correct grammar and pronounce the speech correctly.This study was conducted in class X-6 SMAN 8 Kediri with 31 students. This is a qualitative descriptive study. The finding of this study show the following result, that there is a significant increase of learning outcome at the speaking skills of the students in german. It can be seen from the average grade showed an increase of 51.90%. Thus, through the application of the Role play method in learning german can increase the vocabulary and also the the use of grammar of the students. The more vocabulary you have, and the more skilled to use it in a sentence, then they will be more skilled at talking.





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