Pengembangan Atlas Keanekaragaman Tumbuhan: Euphorbiales, Myrtales, dan Solanales sebagai Sarana Identifikasi

Laras Dwi Wulansari
Journal article BioEdu • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Atlas biology is a collection of images complete accompanied by description of each type of plants that were examined there. Teachers need a means of identification to support learning material of botany. A means of identification available during this is still using the term that elusive with little illustration picture. The purpose of this research is to produce plant diversity atlas of order Euphorbiales, Myrtales, and Solanales that proper theoretically and empirical. This research was the development research of which refers to Fenrich instructional model. Theoretical feasibility atlas obtain the percentage value of 100% with very worthy interpretation. Empirical feasibility atlas obtain the percentage of the value of each of the 97,14% and 96,81%.   Keywords: atlas, plant diversity, means of identification    





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