Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Numbered Head Together (Nht) Dalam Pembelajaran IPS Untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Kelas V-b SD Al – Ichsan Surabaya

Istiqomah Istiqomah

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Background of the study of this reseacrh is lower student result of learning process at social studies that be caused not appropriate the model in used by teacher in learning process. The purpose of this reseacrh is to describe the teacher's activity and student's activity during learning process using NHT model learning at social studies, to describe the student result after learning process using NHT model learning. This research uses class act research method that uses qualitative descriptive research. This research does through 3 cycles and every cycle has planning, applying, monitoring and reflcting. Subject in this research is student V grade SD Al Ichsan Surabaya that have 31 students with amount of male students are 15 students and females are 16 students. The technic of collecting data uses observation method, result of the study, and questionnaire. Data analysis technique apply deskriptif kuantitatif analysis has observation, test and quesioner, and deskriptif kualitatif analysis. The result of research shows that teacher activity during learning process is increasing for 3 cycles with total percentage 75% at cycle I, 83,75% at cycle II, 95% at cyle III. The student's activity is increasing for 3 cycles with total percentage 69,44% at cycle I, 77,77% at cycle II, 91,67% at cyle III. The result of student's learning process also has increasing during for 3 cycles with total percentage 61,29% at cycle I, 77,42% at cycle II, 86,21 % at cyle III. The respond of student's learning also has increasing with total percentage 74% at cycle I, 78,95% at cycle II, 95% at cyle III. So it can be conclude that through the using Numbered Head Together can increase teacher and student activity, student learning result and concept comprehension, and student respond on social studies subject five grade on SD Al Ichsan Surabaya.




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