Penggunaan Cerita Bergambar Untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Membaca Nyaring Siswa Kelas II Sdn Margorejo Iii/405 Surabaya

M. Syifak
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar • 2013 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


The low abillity and reading skills of students because of the quality of learning in the classroom less carefully managed,boring classical learning students will be less consertration on the subject matter,only reading skills necessary implanted since lower grade. Lowed reading skills need to be improved aspecialy for lower grade students who can read short text. Classroom teachers can make inovation in teachin. The use of media will support the promotion of students abillities and skills in reading alowe. Media pictures story interesting learning can improve students consentration and materials provided, improved reading skills will determind continuation tinny aducation for students. Instructional media in creasingly developed, the teacher can provide reinforcement throught the medium of comic strips so that student can have the abillity to express in short sentence and long sentence coressponding increase reading skills, speacial grade II SDN Margorejo III/405 Surabaya.Besed on the observations that have been made as an effort to improved reading skills tinny through the use of picture-in-class media SDN Margorejo III/405 Surabaya II. On the first students are given a reading text and asked to read it without first modeled by the teacher student results are average-average difficulty reading with proper intonation,but average-the average student is able to read fluently only in pronounciantion of the letters sometime students still can't pronounce the appropriate.From the results research for 4 days on 25-29 May 2012 acquired skills and increase students skills in reading loud evident from the first cycle of meeting value - average grade is 72.4 and mastery value reached 60%, while in the second cycle value - average grade is 80.2 and the value of classical completeness is 82.5% in the second cycle it shows that learning aided by the right media can improove larning outcomes students, therefore the media should not only use images learning language. Indonesia but also used in other larning material. From the observational data and results of these test s can be seen that students are happy with the Indonesian language teacher who can pack a lesson with an interesting medium. Even the students will be more than happy to read any textbook comes with image – image of interest.




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