Peningkatan Kemampuan Membaca Alquran Melalui Metode Tajwid Card Pada Santri Tk/tpa Nurul Iman Jalan Rappokalling Kelurahan Tammua Kec. Tallo.

Kasmira Kasmira • Ainun Jariyah • Melinda Melinda • Maya Reski Tasman

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


The progress of a nation is largely determined by the quality of the human resources (HR), while the quality of the human resources (HR) depends on the quality of education. Reading Qur'an should be read appropriate with the rules of tajwid. Tajwid is reading the Holy Quran with tartil and light, regular and not rush as well as about places waqaf according the rules of tajwid. Recitation function for keeping the Qur'anic recitation of errors and changes as well as keeping the verbal error-read it. To maximize the achievement of learning outcomes participant educates, then from that we chose a strategy of media development tajwid card. In this study using a Research Action class (classroomaction research) which includes the recurring action planning i.e., planning, implementation, observation and reflection which is planned in two cycles. The data collected is analyzed using quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques. For quantitative analysis used descriptive statistics, namely average and percentage frequency tables, percentage, the lowest value and the highest. qualitative analysis used is the categorization scale score 5. Tajwid media card was chosen because it is the collaborative activities that could be used to teach concepts, classification properties, facts about an object so how to read the Koran students in accordance with the rules of the actual reading.




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