Penerapan Media Gambar dalam Pembelajaran Tematik untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Kelas I Sdn Margorejo VII / 570 Surabaya

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Learning is a process of interaction of students with teachers and learning resources in a learning environment. Lessons are given assistance so that educators can occur acquisition of science and knowledge, mastery of skills and character as well as the formation of attitudes and beliefs on students. Quality of learning is learning which suggests that the interaction between faculty and participants.Writer using media images in thematic learning to solve problems in their interaction and improve learning outcomes. This study aims to describe application images on thematic learning to improve student learning outcomes grade I SDN Margorejo VII / 570 Surabaya totaling 25 students. Each cycle is carried out through four phases: planning, implementation, observation and reflection on each of her cycle. The data obtained through observation and tests. The result tests analyzed by the percentage of students studying classical completeness. The data were analyzed in terms of percentage response then elaborated descriptively. The results indicated that the improving student activities undertaken during the cycle increased by 36%, from 60% in the first cycle to 96% in the second cycle. While the activity of teachers in the study experienced improved quality by 21%, from 65% in the first cycle to 96% in the second cycle. Finished classical learning has increased 22%. Based on this study showed that the application of media images can be applied to thematic learning First Grade, as evidenced by the percentage of activity of students and teachers, as well as student learning outcomes in each cycle increase.




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