Pertumbuhan Dan Hasil Tanaman Jagung Manis (Zea Mays Saccharata) Pada Berbagai Dosis Pupuk Organik

Jurhana Jurhana • Usman Made • Ichwan Madauna
Journal article Agrotekbis • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


This research aims to determine the growth and yield of sweet corn plants at various doses of organic fertilizer. The research was conducted in New Village, Palu Barat Sub-district, Palu City, which lasted from May to July 2013. This research uses Randomized Block Design, consisting of 6 treatments, namely A = organic fertilizer, B = organic fertilizer 5 ton/ha, C = organic fertilizer 10 ton/ha, D = organic fertilizer 15 ton/ha, E = organic fertilizer 20 ton/ha and F = organic fertilizer 25 ton/ha. Each treatment was repeated three times as a group of 36 plants. Data of observation result were analyzed by Variance (F-Test), if the result of variance analysis showed the real difference then continued test of real honest difference (BNJ). The results showed that the application of organic fertilizer 15 ton/ha in sweet corn plants had the same effect as inorganic fertilizer dose 300 kg urea/ha + 100 kg SP-36/ha + 100 kg KCl/ha.





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