Pemanfaatan Media Tabel Identifikasi Untuk Meningkatkan Keterampilan Menulis Surat Resmi Siswa Kelas V Sdn Tambaksari I Surabaya

Nurhidayati Nurhidayati

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


One writing skills in elementary school was to write a formal letter. To realize it needs knowledge of the rules of writing a formal letter. In these materials teachers often complain about the test results of students who do not meet the minimum criteria for mastery. This happens in elemntari school five grade Tambaksari I Surabaya, of 24 students only 60% (10 students) who meet KKM is 70. The foregoing is caused due to lack of use of the media so that students are not interested in the material because it was chosen. Medium identification table to improve writing skills resmi.Media identification table is a learning tool in the form of lines or columns that contain criteria-criteria given as a guideline drafting a formal letter. The study used a Classroom Action Research (CAR) as its primary purpose is the improvement and enhancement of the quality of learning. While collecting the data in this study using several techniques of observation, testing and record constraints. In the observation technique was observed on the activity of teachers and students, while the engineering tests were conducted to measure the ability of the students in writing a formal letter. Note the constraints contains constraints or difficulties that occur during the learning progress. The observations in the implementation of the learning cycle I gained a score of 94% increased learning, mastery learning achievement of 63.5 and 58.33. While the score obtained in the second cycle of learning increased 100%, achievement of 87.64 and 79.16% mastery learning. These obstacles can be overcome in the first cycle to the second cycle. Based on the research that has been conducted that uses media identification tables can improve students' skills in writing a formal letter. Therefore it is recommended to all teachers to develop instructional media that can attract students to improve writing skills a formal letter.




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