Analisis Efisiensi Penggunaan Input Produksi USAhatani Kakao di Desa Kawende Kecamatan Poso Pesisir Utara Kabupaten Poso

Tangku, Rukavina Bakhs, Dance Tangkesalu, Fandri
Journal article Agrotekbis • 2015 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The majority of cacao plantations in the province of Central Sulawesi is a plantation owned by the public so that any impact on the sales of income and purchasing power of farmers. This study aimed to determine the effect on the production of cocoa production inputs and determine the level of efficiency of use of production inputs cocoa farm in Kawende Village Poso Pesisir Utara District Poso Regency. Respondent performed using simple random method (simple random sampling). The number of samples taken 40 of 334 member the population of farmers. The analysis tool used is the analysis of Cobb-Douglass production function and efficiency analysis. F-test results indicate that the variable land area (X1), fertilizer (X2), labor (X3) and pesticides (X4) jointly affect the production of cocoa farming in the village Kawende. T-test results showed that the land area variable (X1), fertilizer (X3) and labor (X3) very significant effect on the production of cocoa farming in the village Kawende while pesticides (X4) is not a real effect on the production of cocoa farming in the village Kawende. The results of the efficiency analysis shows that the use of the land area (X1), fertilizer (X2) and labor (X3) is not efficient sehinggah still need to be added while the use of pesticides (X4) is inefficient because its use is excessive so that farmers have to reduce the use of pesticides.





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