Meningkatkan Keterampilan Membaca Permulaan melalui Penerapanmodel Pembelajaran Langsung Siswa Kelas I Sdn Gubeng I Surabaya

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Reading to represent basis for master various study area. Study read elementary to at school have very important role in order to all student can develop x'self on an ongoing basis. If child at school age do not immediately own ability read, he will experience of a lot of difficulty in learning some area of study at class hereinafter. Research target is to describe of uplifting of skill read class student start I of Elementary Schoolof Country Gubeng I Surabaya, that is to describe study applying read class I student start of through applying model direct study, result of learning to read start by applying model direct study, constraint which emerge in execution read permulan by applying model direct study and how to overcome it. Result of good teacher activity observation sheet data analysis at cycle I of and also cycle II show very good improvement. percentage Keterlaksanakan activity learn at cycle I of and also cycle II equal to 100%. Ketercapaian teacher Activity experience of improvement equal to 23,2 that is from 69,3 at cycle I become 92,5 at cycle II. Complete learn student by klasikal experience of improvement equal to 18%, that is from 72% at cycle I become 90% at cycle II. Result learn student at entire/all aspect have reached efficacy. Constraints exist in cycle I cycle II and can be overcome better.




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