Karakteristik Desain Kemasan “Sego Njamoer”

Akhmad Akhmad
Journal article Jurnal Seni Rupa • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


  Packaging design is part of a visual image of a company that has an important role, and either directly or not can determine the success of a product, because the packaging design can be succeed if the design of the packaging of a product can influence and attract the consumers. Based on the background of the authors formulate the formulation of the problem as follows: What is the background concept of the packaging design form " Sego Njamoer " ? What is the characteristics of packaging design " Sego Njamoer " ? Based on the background and formulation of the problem that is the research methods used by the author is a qualitative descriptive method ( literature and interviews ) and the focus to be studied is how the concept of the design, shape and characteristics of the packaging design of " Sego Njamoer ",the  informants related to packaging design " Sego Njamoer ". Data collection techniques using observation ( direct observation ) and interview techniques. data analysis, the validity of the data obtained through the technique of triangulation of data and informants review. Based on the data that has been analyzed , it can be deduced that the packaging design " Sego Njamoer " in the making customized with the first target marketing that are  high school and university students, so the concept using all matters relating to the initial target , which is like comikel mascot,  bright and refreshing colours ( green, yellow and red ), the form is small and practical but can satisfy the customers that match the characteristics of the high school and university students who like the simple things. Keywords : Characteristics packaging design




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