Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Langsung untuk Meningkatkanketerampilan Menulis Puisi Bebas Siswa Kelas V SD Putra Indonesia Surabaya

Suhartatik Suhartatik
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar • 2013 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


In study of Indonesian [in] SD there [is] four skill of have Ianguage [to] taught [by] that is skill menyimak/mendengar, skill converse, skill read, skill write.Pursuant to perception to execution of study write free poem in class of V PutraIndonesiaElementary SchoolSurabaya indicate that student of class of V not yet able to write free poem. In study of teacher still use the way of teaching conventional. Behavior teach teacher described as following : teacher not yet used model of correct study, activity early teacher only order student to open book of packet certain page;yard, later;then ask to student of such bagain is which not yet been comprehended, teacher order student make free poem without menjelaskan/mendemonstrasikan beforehand, teacher less pay attention to student enthusiasm, election of substance is solely relied on by a packet book. target of this Research is to describtion activity learn in applying model of direct pembelajarna to increase the skill write free poem student of class of V Putra Indonesia Elementary School, result of writing free poem of student and also way to overcome and constraints. This research use class action research device ( CAR), what is done by two cycle, cycle I executed during 2 meeting while cycle II executed by during 1 meeting. the Cycle second consisted of by the planning phase, execution, and refleksi perception. Technique data collecting in this research use observation technique, tes field note and. Data gathered to be analysed by using descriptive method qualitative and quantitative. Result of research indicate that percentage of keterlaksanaan of activity of teacher experience of improvement at cycle of I that is 76,8% and cycle of II mount to become 92,9%. Meanwhile, complete to learn to write free poem by applying model direct study experience of improvement. Cycle of I reach complete 64,9% while at cycle of complete II reach 91,9%. Constraints faced by the way of mastering class and management of study time, its way to overcome is denga revise management of time of study and make solution is later;then applied at study hereinafter. that applying model direct study can uplift skill to write free poem of student of class of VSD Putra Indonesia.




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