Tafsir Atas Pemikiran Rasional Sales Promotion Girls dan Sales Promotion Boys

Nurhalimah Febrianti

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


SPG/SPB as the spearhead of the company's success to market the products directly at consumers. They have the burden of social, burden of psychological and burden of economic in the work. However, they should receive the customer service rules. Therefore, the importance of knowing how the motives SPG/SPB in accepting the rules of customer service in order to know about the hidden motives in him that can accept the rules of customer service. The research approach is qualitative descriptive and phenomenology of Alfred Schutz. Took place in the "MDS" Royal Plaza. Subjects selected using purposive technique based on old work. Collecting data by observation, in-depth interviews and participants interviews. Using descriptive analysis technique which refers to the theory and phenomenology of Alfred Schutz rational choice theory of James S. Coleman to decipher the motives SPG/SPB in accepting the rules about customer service. Results of research suggests that the acceptance process of customer service rules, there are two categories of SPG/SPB is normal and plus-plus and has a manifest motives and latent motives which may lead to non-economic values ​​and economic values. Acceptance of process there is a resistance, but it is only in the form of internal dilemmatic because it prioritizes rational considerations. So that SPG/SPB has a strategy and a way to be able to realize the goal of an action considered as a rational choice. Keywords: Motif, SPG / SPB, Customer Service.




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