Penggunaan Media Gambar untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa pada Mata Pelajaranilmu Pengetahuan Sosial Kelas Iva Sdn Sidotopo Viii/55 Surabaya

Sulistyowati Sulistyowati

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


This study departs from the phenomenon of learning student outcomes class IV A Sidotopo SDN VIII/55 Surabaya which is below average. This research want to prove how the result of teacher activities, student activities and students otucome if learning use image media. The experiment was conducted in SDN Sidotopo VIII/55 particular class IVA. The research was applied to 40 students in the class. The research method is action research. The data analysis technique used is descriptive qualitative data collection process while through observation, tests and questionnaires, and descriptive qualitativeinterviews.From the analysis of the data showed a significant effect. It can be seen from the activities of both students and teachers have created a fun learning environment for students. Student learning outcomes also increased, as seen from the increasing average student scores increased from 63.5 to 70.18 in the first cycle to the second cycle and a 82.18 in the third cycle. From the results of this study concluded that the use of media images can improve student learning outcomes in the classroom Social Sciences IVA SDN Sidotopo VIII/55 Surabaya.




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