Upaya Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Melalui Penerapan Ctl (Contextual Learning Dalam Pembelajaran IPA Di Kelas 6 Sdn Sawahan IV Kota Surabaya

Sutinah Sutinah

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Sciene learning is not only consist of concept, factual knowledge or principle sciene, but also it is innovation process. Because it is related how to know trough trial and observation result. Often students get material to be memorized without try to find study experience by themselves . it makes less understanding of student concept with the result that they got bad mark while examination. Student directed to search and to find so it make easy them to understand material that is teached through implementation contextual learning. This study aims to determine to Effort Improve Learning Outcomes through the application of contextual learning in science for 6th grade elementary school SAWAHAN IV.. By using the method of discussion and use of instructional media support in the application of contextual learning. Subject of this study were 35 students 6th grade in state elementary school of SAWAHAN IV. Based on the research and discussion on the application of contextual learning in science subjects in sainsfor 6th grade can be concluded that the learning outcomes of students in learning by applying contextual learning has increased. It can be seen from the average - the average percentage of each cycle and classical completeness. In cycle I mean - the average grade increased from 69.06 to 79.25 in the first cycle to the second cycle. Classical completeness of the cycle of 63.8% to 83.3% in the second cycle. Student activity during learning to apply contextual learning is also increasing. Based on the research cycle I and II of the student activity seen an increase in students in the first cycle increased from 57.89% to 86.75% in the second cycle. An increase of 28.86%. Affective and psychomotor development of the students also increased. In Affective development cycle of 58.89% to 80% in the second cycle. In psychomotor development cycle of 61.8% to 82.94% in the second cycle.




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