Die Lernergebnisse Der Sprechfertigkeit Beim Rollenspiel Die Schȕler Der Klasse Xia1 Sman1 Maospati

Atim Mardani
Journal article Laterne • 2013

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(English, 7 pages)


Deutsch is one of the subjects of foreign language studied in high school in addition to English, Japanese, and Mandarin. The time duration is not much, only 2 x 45 minutes per week. This brief encounter, making students could only learn the basics materials of Deutsch. In the Deutsch language learning, there are four skills that must be mastered by the student, that are Sprechfertigkeit, Hӧrvestehen, Leseverstehen, und Schreibfertigkeit. Sprechfertigkeit was one of the skills that could not be mastered by students. There were several internal and external factors that might affect students' speaking skills in practicing. Therefore we needed a strategy that could help students in improving learning outcomes, especially in the Deutsch language skills of speaking, that was Rollenspiel. Rollenspiel in Indonesian called as playing a role. Role playing is a form of interaction between students, where each student plays a character, such as buyers, sellers, and cashier. Getraude Heyd (1991; 156) in the "Deutsch Lehren" stated that there was an interaction in Rollenspiel and covered a very broad sense, covering sociodramas, psychodrama, Simulation Games, and others. This study used descriptive qualitative research method, since the purpose of this study was to describe the learning outcomes of students' speaking skills based on predetermined Bewertungskriterien. This study used test instruments, namely pretest and posttest. From these results it could be seen the average score of the class in the pretest of 77.6 and the posttest of 89.8. Keyword: Speaking, Rollenspiel, Learning Result





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