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Journal article Paradigma: Jurnal Online Mahasiswa S1 Sosiologi UNESA • 2013 Indonesia

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The selection of good educational institutions in preschool education by parents is often used as a reference in the selection of educational institutions at the next level. This is because the existence of that institution under the auspices of one of the organizations of the two religious organizations and clergy, that are Nahdlotul Ulama and Muhammadiyah. This study intends to explain the rationale neighbour of the parents in the educational institutions choose good for children. The research was conducted in the village Solokuro, Lamongan, East Java. The theory used in this study is the theory of Social Action Max Weber and the Theory of Rational Choice James S. Coleman. This study used qualitative methods with Alfred Schutz's phenomenological approach. Subjects were selected using purposive sampling technique in which each study subjects had to own a certain criteria in accordance with the theme of the study. This subject is a parent who has a child at the age of pre-school and choose a preschool educational institution located in the shade of religious organizations, both Nahdlotul Ulama or Muhammadiyah. The results of this study is to note that the reasons that affect parental choice in selecting a preschool educational institutions, there are three things consist. First, the background of the religious organization which is owned by a husband. Second, parents' educational background. As well as the third is environmental influences both the family and neighborhood. Keywords: Preschool Education, Rationalitation, Religius Organization.  




Paradigma: Jurnal Online Mahasiswa S1 Sosiologi UNESA

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