Penggunaan Media Gambar untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa dalam Pembelajaran Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial di Kelas IV Sdn Ujung Viii/33 Surabaya

Tutik Nuryati

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The value of Social studies in SDN Ujung VIII/33 Surabayain the first semester of the 2012-2013 period is still low under Exhaustiveness Minimal Criteria (KKM) established is 70. The purpose of Classroom Action Research (CAR) is to know what's efect the applied of image media can improve learning result of social studies in the fourth grade SDN Ujung VIII/33 Surabaya. The purpose researcher do this Classroom Action Research by the applied of image media in teaching social studies is to raise new desire and interest, raise motivation and stimulating learning activities. This Classroom Action Research was conducted in three cycles with each cycle there are three stages, namely planning, acting and observing, and reflecting. The types of data collected in this research is teacher activity data, student activity data and student learning results data after the applied of the image media. This data is collected by observation method for measuring the activity of teachers and students, while for the student learning result use evaluation tools in the form of tests done by the researcher and two observers. The research results showed that increase of teacher activities in the first cycle of 62.5%, the second cycle of 68.18%, and 83.33% for the third cycle. On student activity during the learning process in the first cycle of 60.4%, the second cycle of 70.45%, and 83.33% for the third cycle. While on student learning result obtained from the first cycle of 61.34% with 44% completeness learning, the second cycle of 67.24% with 60% completeness learning, and the third cycle of 77.2% with 84% completeness learning, This suggests show that the applied of image media is very effective when applied in the fourth grade students of SDN Ujung VIII/33 Surabaya, especially in social studies with the material of the types resources of natural, the distribution of natural resources, and utilization of natural resources. Thus, the applied of image media in this study can increase ofteacher avtivities, student activities, and student learning result, so the quality of learning can increase .




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