Penerapan Modul Pembelajaran Sistem Pgm-fi pada Mata Pelajaran Sistem Bahan Bakar untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Kelas XI Tsm 1 di Smk Sunan Giri Menganti Gresik

Khoirul Rohman • I. Made Muliatna
Journal article Jurnal Pendidikan Teknik Mesin UNESA • 2013

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THE IMPLEMENTATION OF PGM-FI SYSTEM LEARNING MODULE ON FUEL SYSTEM SUBJECT TO IMPROVE STUDENTS' LEARNING OUTCOMES IN CLASS XI TSM 1 OF SMK SUNAN GIRI MENGANTI GRESIK Khoirul Rohman Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Surabaya One of the efforts to improve the quality of education is by creating new innovations during the learning process such as the implementation of PGM-FI system module on the fuel system subject. Based on the information results generated from teachers of SMK Sunan Giri Menganti Gresik, it indicated that the material on PGM-FI system is one of materials which oftenly considered as difficult material by the students. This is because the material is hard to be understood by them. The absence of adequate learning equipments such as module also become one of the factors which makes the learning process less interesting and boring, thus resulting in the low outcomes of students learning. The purpose of this research is to improve students' learning outcomes by using a PGM-FI system learning module on fuel system subject, in Class XI TSM 1 of SMK Sunan Giri Menganti Gresik. This study used action research (PTK) or in English called as Classroom Action Research (CAR). This study used PTK because it was conducted in the classroom to determine the learning outcomes and students' responses on the learning process during the use of PGM-FI System of Motorcycles module. The research methodology used in this study was quantitative description method, by using questionnaire to find out students' responses and students' learning outcomes as its research data collection instruments. The target in this study were students of class XI CMS TSM 1 in Sunan Giri Menganti Gresik, odd semester 2013-2014. The research results generated: 1) Student's learning test, both cognitive and psychomotor showed that the mastery learning achievement of all students was 92.85% after using the study module. 2) The students' responses toward module showed a positive response of 81.14%. 3) students' learning outcomes of pre-test and post-test which were indicated by the average precentage of 93.1% in the excellent category.




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