Seks dan Pariwisata: Fenomena Penginapan Esek-esek Songgoriti

Esadina Inda Rosyida

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The rise villa or accommodation in Songgoriti, Batu society can not be separated from the first Songgokerto subsistence farmers, are turning into tour guides, to cater to tourists who come on tourist areas Songgoriti. Construction of the geo-economic changes that occurred in this Songgokerto, seen from the increasing number of villas or stay in the tourist areas Songgoriti. Land that was once used for farming, the land is now used as a residence, place of entertainment, food stalls and shops. Songgoriti was one of Batu tourist destinations are located south of the town square, with 344 hotels and inns, which are scattered in almost all urban areas Songgokerto. This study tried to understand the construction community in Songgoriti tourist area, on the villa and lodging esek-esek as part of the conversion of residential to commercial houses. Society construction of villas and accommodation esek-esek is part of social dynamic consequension, in development tourism. Keywords: Esek Esek, Over The Function, Construction.




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